Sonnet for the Deserving

Hmmm…it appears that you are an amazing person, and deserve to be treated so much better than I will ever have time or inclination to treat you…the revealing of which shall create a solid foundation for eternal friendship (hopefully with benefits)”

“You deserve someone who will treat you right;
you deserve to be cherished and desired.”
You deserved on the first not the last night
to know “friendship” was all he required.

How many men have known what you deserve
and regretted they could not provide it?
And thus with the carnal and self preserved
became sages — prophecies confided?

And when what he knows becomes known to you
It should be easy; rarely is it so.
Ohhh, what to do? “To thine own self be true.”
You want substance? Go. This one is all show.

An ocean lies between knowing and doing.
Sages who can’t swim are your undoing.


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