Sonnet for a Maester

maesterI once knew a scholar who was afraid
to be himself at times; and he grieved so…
Might I have freed him from prisons he made?
Is the Pope Catholic? I believe so.

A fellow of some notoriety
A gentleman, he was; I still think it.
My offense was to his propriety.
To that — pfft!  Pour a toast and I’ll drink it.

Some virtues are not appreciated;
My words are like wine — an acquired taste.
My tastes are not so sophisticated
but my history cannot disgrace me

A Maester!  A Prince of a Harvard grad!
He was all that, and yet…such travesty!
Perception be damned; I am what I am.
What I was could not please His Majesty.

Ayn Rand Man with interests self-serving
Save thy grace for those of grace deserving.


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