Dear People Who Are Surprised/Outraged By Chick-Fil-A:

Dear People Who Are Surprised/Outraged By Chick-Fil-A’s Support of Traditional Marriage:

LOL @ you guys.  Seriously.  Politics and Poultry don’t mix.  Why, exactly, did you think they were closed on Sundays — because they hate money?!  If ever there was a chicken day-of-the-week, you’d better believe it’s Sunday.  Furthermore, if your fast-food patronage is dependent upon the creators/preparers of your sandwiches  sharing your worldview(s), it’s time to drag out the ol’ lunchbox and stop thinking you’re the only one entitled to first amendment protection.  In case you haven’t heard, corporations are people, too.  Alternatively, you could finance/launch a full-scale investigation into the beliefs and practices of all fast-food entrepreneurs, and (upon receiving the results) call for a ban/burning down all of the franchises owned/operated by those with dissimilar agendas.   That could also be fun.  And confusing — ’cause which side does what now?  Best to keep ’em guessing!

it’s about that time

As for me and my house, we will continue to consume the Chick-Fil-A (whenever everybody else is at work and the drive-thru isn’t 10 miles long and/or it’s not Sunday).   You are welcome to join us, ’cause those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter!  I am willing to bet that your two gay friends won’t mind at all — and, hey — if they do, be all, “Bitch, you best be learning how to make me some waffle fries!”  Then do the Z-snap — and threaten to replace them so they’ll know what’s up.



P.S.  If you are gay and care about this please seek assistance in understanding the real issues affecting your rights as soon as you finish watching the last episode of True Blood.   And please be advised that Lafayette don’t give a damn about what some hookers got to say about his sandwich.


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