WTF.  think about what this means.  how, exactly, does one work like one “don’t need the money?”  that is the ONLY REASON I WORK.  as for the other two — is it really necessary that you advertise your shortcomings/failures?   it’s so awkward.  when i am confronted with this i feel obligated to care about your hurtful romantic past, and/or imagine your not-suitable-for-public-viewing dancing — and i don’t have time for that.  with all due respect, i’m not here to read your walls and think about your life — i just stopped in for a minute to see if i could borrow that something-or-other…

LIVE LAUGH LOVE.  no thank you!  who is this for?!  is this a “note to self” or are you trying to “instruct” your family/visitors?  is it like your “this is what it’s all about right here” motto?  kinda vague, isn’t it?  and not very unique — i’ve seen about 4ooo different “pieces” with these words — some of them have fruit and flowers and sh*t, whereas this has more of a contemporary feel…regardless, i don’t appreciate your wall art’s presumption/tone, and i refuse to do any of those things.

BELIEVE in what?  in someone’s ability to make a bazillion dollars by cutting quilt scraps into letter shapes and sewing them onto a piece of cardboard?   what kind of person obeys a blanket directive like this without question?  you opened this can of worms.  if you don’t have a ready reply to the the question, “…in what?” you need to get this off of your wall until such time as you are able to answer.  and when that day comes, go ahead and write the answer underneath the word.  or draw a picture.  an example of good, clear “belief” “art”:  

do you often wander into your bedroom or dining room and become distressed because what is this room and what is its function?!  then this is the “art” for you!  you’ve all seen them — the pictures of tubs and sinks hanging over tubs and sinks saying things like “bath” and “wash”.  is that really necessary?  how drunk is your family?!  and what business do grapes have on a bathtub?!

THIS.  IS.  THE.  ABSOLUTE.  WORST.  i must admit to having never seen this paticularly hated “piece” above anyone’s bed, but this may be the ONLY place it could ever be considered suitable, and only then to remind your lover to…you know, step it up a little bit; otherwise, this is the most hated bullsh*t wall “art” ever.  it is illogical and incorrect on its face — ’cause (“Top Gun” theme song aside) how many times does this happen, really?  i think it should say “life is not measured by the money you make, but by how much of your money is taken away [and what you can afford to do with what is left].”  that’s the world (and house) i live in — as do we all.


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