Conversations with my Optometrist:

There is something immensely comforting/satisfying about having a long-term relationship with a health-care provider — could be because that appears to be the only sort of long-term relationship I can maintain, but how ’bout we not go there?

I have been seeing the same Optometrist since I was a kid; suffice it to say that he knows me well.  I saw him yesterday for the bazillionth or such time, and was informed for the second time in a row that I require a less powerful prescription.  Our conversation follows:

Me:  “So, what you’re saying, Doc, is that I have somehow developed the supernatural ability to heal myself.  That’s awesome!”

My optometrist:  “Well, that’s one way of looking at it, yes — and then there’s the truth, which is that nearsighted people will often tolerate less correction as they age, due to the weakening of their eye muscles and — blah, blah, blah *medical science*”

Me:  *stare*

My optometrist:  *stare*

Me:  *more silent staring*

My optometrist:  Of course, we’re cannot rule out the possibility that you have developed a supernatural ability to heal yourself with this equipment.  Why don’t go pick out some new glasses?

Me:  Now you’re talking!

Good ol’ Dr. Mac.  Keeping me seeing straight (literally…not figuratively) since 1989.


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