Rites of Passage: The Matrix

no child (of mine) left behind

You have heard it said that with great power comes great responsibility.  I submit that the inverse is true in the parenting arena – at least, every now and then…if you’re lucky.  With great responsibility comes great power (here, “power” is interchangeable with ordinary “ability”) to see your children through certain rites of passage.  There’s the first word (you want so much for it to be “momma,” but it never is – in this regard, you are powerless), first day of school, first lost tooth, first crush (and subsequent heartbreak), first day of school.  In such a way do the days pass – or fly by, rather, ‘til they’re older, and the rites are interspersed with the “talks”.  You know the ones I mean.  The important ones.  Your power to influence their thoughts/feelings on such subjects is limited only by how much they trust that you know what you are talking about (lol!) and/or how much attention they are actually paying you when you speak on the important matters (if they’re texting, it’s not a good sign; see my advice column response to that particular dilemma).  Next thing you know, there’s the first date, the driver’s license, the first job…

and then there’s The Matrix…

In my opinion, it is your duty as a parent to introduce the subject of the Matrix at random intervals during your child’s development — toss out a line every now and then and see what you catch.  You’ll know when they’re ready.  Happy is the mom and/or dad whose child asks (as my oldest recently did) about it on their own!  Y’all know I have always taken my responsibility as a parent very seriously – doing all that is within my power to leave no (preparedness) stone unturned.  I mean, if there were any “stones” — which there aren’t.  And if that doesn’t blow your mind, then god, you are boring perhaps you are not the sort to observe this particular rite of passage.  To each their own – but as for me and my house, we will watch/discuss The Matrix.


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