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December 18, 2011 at 4:11 pm – Edit

Okay, so I read your post about the kids on facebook and I agree, but that’s not my problem.  My problem is our oldest (14) will not stop texting during school, when we’re eating, when we’re trying to talk to her,, when shes supposed to be sleeping, and anytime I tell her to stop, it’s a huge fight!  Advice appreciated! 🙂


Dear mom3:

I fail to see how so many parents/children are confused by this issue.  A cell phone is a LUXURY.  Does your 14 year-old texting maniac have a job and does it pay the bills?  If the answer to that question is “no,” the solution is as simple as TAKING YOUR PHONE AWAY.  That phone is your property.  You decide how your property is used (or not).

The best time to have a conversation/establish the rules about texting is when she is not driving you crazy with texting.  So it’s probably going to have to happen while she is in the shower, or sleeping.  Be very clear about the rules and consequences of breaking them.  It cannot hurt to provide her with a copy of the rules and consequences in writing.  She breaks the rules, you take your phone.  Case closed.

I have heard parents argue, “I can’t take so-and-so’s phone!  We don’t have a land line, and so-and-so needs it for SAFETY.”  Um, no, they don’t.  Probably.  But just in case they do, you are not without options, including setting up parental controls on the phone.    Alternatively, for $20 a year, you can be sure your child (cannot text but) can call (you or anyone) for help in the event that an attempted breaking and entering occurs between the time they get off the bus and you get home from work without the expense of adding a land line.  Do not concern yourself over whether it can call for help while engaging in extracurricular/after-school activities, because kids who refuse to mind what you say do not have time for such things.  ‘Cause they are too busy doing extra chores and worrying about breaking and enter-ers.

Keep in mind that as long as the battery is good, even decommissioned phones will dial 911.

Considering that you have two other up-and-comers who have presumably been watching/listening/filing all of this away for purposes of asserting their imaginary rights in the near future, you cannot afford to let this one slide, or next thing you know, they’ll all be moving their boyfriends in, getting pregnant, and fighting for their right to party while you raise their kid(s).  Have you seen/heard about that show “Teen Mom?”  They’re always texting.  Quash this rebellion at once.

Thanks for writing!

Yours in suppressing the imaginary rights of confused minors,



One thought on “texting teenager

  1. Agreed. Phones are a privilege. And I think far too many people rely on them for safety. The one time we actually used a cell phone in a true emergency, the dispatcher couldn’t locate us. We had to drive our injured child to the hospital ourselves. Something to think about.


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