Traditional Marriage Supporter? Nope.


Let’s talk politics/journalism for a second.  First of all, I am AGAINST the “definition of marriage amendment to the Virginia constitution.”  And not because, as Southwest Times’ Jack Martin suggests, “because I am afraid/misled by the propaganda.”  Rather, it is because:

*Because a constitution embodies fundamental law, right?  A constitution is not a code of laws, and a Bill of Rights is not a Bill of Non-Rights


*Because it is mean-spirited, redundant, and unprecedented.  Same-sex marriages/partnerships are ALREADY prohibited/not-recognized in/by Virginia.
What can I say about the proposed special-issue “Traditional Marriage Supporter” license plates (with two interlocked golden wedding bands over a red heart!)?  It is said that these tags are “for people who want to show their support for something that has seemed to have worked for 4,000 years.”  Statistics notwithstanding, huh?   You know what I wonder?  How many of these outraged “traditional marriage supporters” are on their second marriages…..or third, and/or how many of them have [closets and] hard drives FULL of [skeletons and] licentious evidence to the contrary.   I’m just saying — whom do we protect….from whom?
What is our reasoning for protecting this precious, precious freedom (for heterosexuals, the religious right, and old-school/neo conservatives)?  That there’s only so much marriage to go around, and every time those damned gays get married, they use up a little bit of our collective ability to get married?  I don’t know about you, but they can have my next three.
But, anyway, Virginia looooooooves its special issue/personalized license plates.  And why not?  How else can $10, some stupid, redneck hobbies and unrealistically high self-perceptions last forever?
‘Cause nothing accentuates a 1983 Monte Carlo with 40″ rims and a grafted-on spoiler from…some other car…like “SXEE1” on your special-issue “NASCAR Supporter” license plate.
Virginia DMV — perpetuating homophobia and/or pimping rides, one tag at a time.
**** UPDATE****
“Traditional Marriage Supporter” license plates (like the “Choose Life” license plate) were were ruled unconstitutional because they discriminate on the basis of viewpoint. Passed the House, (62-Y 35-N), but was stricken from the Senate docket at the request of the patron. The ACLU also opposed this bill.

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