RIGHTING: the art of writing and being right

the pen is mightier than the sword…and considerably easier to write with

Practically everything I have ever learned in life, I have had to learn the hard way.

Do you ever feel like you have lots of great ideas about the way the world (does or) should work, and that everyone should mind what you say?  That is why I am here.  When I was sixteen years old, I decided that the way to achieve that end was through credentials.  Obtaining the same took a lot longer than I anticipated; my life experiences were such that I had to learn many, many additional things the hard way before I could focus on achieving credibility — which is entirely subjective ANYWAY. A lot of the time I spent writing pointless research papers could have been better spent straightening out the world through “righting,” since I was right a looong time before I was legit.  It is clear to me now that all I ever really needed was the internet, a format that is so user-friendly my Memaw could master it, and a massive, cult-like following lots of interested readers.

RIGHTING is not in any way affiliated with the political or religious right; it is a lot broader in scope and infinitely more self-absorbed than that.   Righting is dedicated to making a difference in the world by “subliminally” convincing readers to see things my way, and then governing themselves (and others) accordingly! Together we can support/encourage anyone or anything. Together, we can laugh at everything. When we do this often enough, things change.  Some changes may result in continued (day) job security for myself and other legal/mental health professionals.  Happier outcomes will put us all out of business.  But as long as there is change, and as long as I can keep writing, all is right with me.

The right words, put together properly, and understood by the right people, can change the world.  Anyone who loves to read has experienced this magic firsthand.


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